Wk 3- Classmate Conversations- Marlon Fernandes

Website: https://mbferns.wordpress.com/

For this week’s classmate conversation, the classmate that I interviewed was Marlon Fernandes. During our conversation, I learned a lot of cool things about him. The first thing we talked about is where we are from and that is where I learned that Marlon is originally from India and lived in Kuwait for 13 years. When I asked him what his hobbies were, he said that he liked to go fishing and do triathlons. Marlon told me that when he lived in Kuwait, he had never gone fishing before but when he moved here, he fell in love with it. Marlon is now a senior at Cal State Long Beach who is majoring in Consumer Affairs and would like to become a cop after he graduates. While he is still in school though, he currently works at US Bank . When we were asking each other what is one thing that we do that others may find weird, he told me that he likes to eat cereal with lemon juice instead of milk. At first I thought that it was really strange, but he told me that it was good and that it gives the cereal a sweat taste so I told him I would have to try it one day. One thing that I thought was awesome that I learned about Marlon is that he used to be a professional tennis player in Kuwait and played for 7 years. He stopped playing when he came to the U.S. though because he said that his education was more important and I respected that. To finish off our conversation, we started talking about sports and the teams that we like. He told me he was a big Dallas Cowboys fan and if he had to choose who he wished would come to the Cowboys, between Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III, he said he would rather have Griffin. He also told me that he was a Los Angeles Lakers fan and I told him so was I, but then he said he was beginning to jump on the Los Angeles Clippers bandwagon and I just shook my head and laughed. As our conversation came to an end, we finished it off with one last question: Who is going to win the Super Bowl? I told him that I was going with the Carolina Panthers, but he told me that he thinks the Denver Broncos were going to win. Overall, I had a great conversation with Marlon and it was fun talking to him and getting to learn a lot about him.


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