Wk 3- Art Experience- Snapchat

For this week’s art experience, we were all told to post pictures on Snapchat and draw on them to make it creative. We then also had to pick two photos from our classmates’ stories on Snapchat as well. The two photos that I created helped show my emotions about how I felt before and after the Super Bowl today. As seen in the first picture, I was really pumped for the game and used the Carolina Panthers filter that put paint on my face to help show which team I was rooting for. The second picture then shows how I felt after the Super Bowl. Since the team I was rooting for lost and played terrible, I used the flaming filter that made my eyes angry and put fire on my hair. I also drew flames on the side and on top of my head to emphasize my anger. The other two pictures were from my other classmates. One of the pictures has the word “Sports” in the background so the person thought it would be creative to draw all different types of sports balls and draw a bat in the guy’s hand. The other picture is created by a friend of mine. Though simple, she took a picture of a volleyball net with the time of day on it because she had a volleyball tournament that started at 8am. She drew lines around the time because she wanted to emphasize what time it was and that she was excited it was almost time for her volleyball tournament. Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this project. I usually do not draw on my pictures on Snapchat, but when I drew on these pictures I found it entertaining and really fun.


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