Wk 4- Classmate Conversations- Eli Yee

Art 110 Week 4 Classmate Pic #2

Website: https://eliyee.wordpress.com/

For this week’s classmate conversation, the classmate that I interviewed was Eli Yee. When talking to Eli, I learned that we actually have a couple things in common. I learned that we are both Los Angeles Lakers fans, both played sports in high school, and that we are both sophomores. We then asked each other where we are from and I learned that he is from Fresno, California. Another thing that I learned about him is that he is a Fashion Merchandising major. While that is his major, he said that the thing he likes to do for fun is art. Some of the art he likes to do includes painting and spray painting. He even showed me some of the pieces that he worked on and they looked really cool. After we were done talking about that, we then asked each other what type of music that we like. He said that he pretty much likes all kinds of music except country. We almost had the same answer to the question except I told him there were actually a few country songs that I like to listen to. When we were finished talking about music, we then asked each other who our favorite football team is. I told him my favorite team was the Oakland Raiders and I found out his favorite team was actually my team’s rival, the New England Patriots. I told him how I hated the Patriots and we both laughed afterwards. Overall, I had a fun time talking to Eli and it was cool to see that we had a few things in common and were able to talk about sports together.


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