Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, we were told either to do something with cuisine, couture, or coiffure. Since I did not want to dye my hair and I am not that good of a cook, I decided to take advantage of the couture part. One of my family members is getting married soon so I got a tuxedo to wear to the wedding. I am usually the type of person who just wears shorts and a t-shirt all the time so wearing a tuxedo was kind of new for me. I wanted to see what I looked like in it and once I put it on, I decided to have some fun with it by doing some poses. I had fun doing my own little photo shoot and actually liked wearing the tuxedo. As seen in the third picture, I felt like James Bond with the tuxedo on so I had some fun and pretended to be a spy. I especially liked wearing the bow tie because I felt fancy with it on. Though at first I thought I would feel uncomfortable wearing a whole suit, I actually liked wearing it especially after I put it on and took some funny pictures. Overall, I had a fun time having my own little photo shoot wearing the tuxedo and am now not going to feel uncomfortable when I wear it for the wedding.


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