Wk5- Classmate Conversations- Rebekah Johnson

Art 110 Week 5 Classmate Pic

Website: https://rebekahhjohnson.wordpress.com/

For this week’s classmate conversation, the classmate that I interviewed was Rebekah Johnson. Rebekah is a freshman here at CSULB who is actually double majoring and I thought that was really awesome. She is from Yucaipa but while she is going to school here, she lives in the dorms. When we were talking about our favorite sports and sports teams, she said that she really likes baseball and that she is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. We then asked each other what kind of music we like to listen to and Rebekah said that she likes small, unknown rock bands and that her favorite band is FIDLAR. I then found out that she actually plays the guitar and the bass and that her dream job would be to be a musician and in a girl band. When I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world, she said that she would like to go to Tokyo because it would be different and fun. We then talked about our favorite food and she said that she really likes tacos and anything Italian. Overall, it was fun talking to Rebekah and seeing how passionate about music she is.


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