Wk 6-Art Experience- Photowalk

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For this week’s art experience, we had the pleasure of going on a class photowalk. The whole class was split into different groups and each group went to different locations around the school campus. For my group, we went to see our guide’s favorite “CSULB” sign, the Japanese Garden, and The Pyramid. I had a great time on our photo walk. It was cool because even though I have been going to CSULB for two years, I had never seen that sign or had ever been to the Japanese Garden before. Being able to visit the garden for the first time was really nice and when I got there, I was amazed at what I saw with all the trees, flowers, and the huge pond with the fish swimming around.

With the pictures that I took, I was trying to get the best representation of the three locations that we went to. For our visit to the “CSULB” sign, I decided to take a landscape shot of it that way I could get a larger, better picture of the sign that would fit all the letters into it instead of a portrait shot that would make the sign look smaller and not as good. For the three pictures I took at the garden, the two I took a landscape shot of were to show how many fish there were in the pond and to get a good view of the area in the back that I thought was really peaceful. The portrait picture I took at the garden was to show how long the pond was and be able to get all the trees that were around it and at the end. For my fifth picture, I took a picture of a sign that I thought was really funny and showed the type of humor that our school has and I took it in a portrait style to be able to get the biggest picture of the sign I could. For my final picture, I took a landscape shot of The Pyramid to be able to get a wide image of the gym and by doing that, I was also able to include the main entrance and the student entrance to the gym in the picture as well.

Our guide for our group’s photowalk was Maddy Braverman. Being her friend, it was cool for her to be our guide for our walk. She was a great guide because she took us to places that most of us had never been to before. When we went to her favorite “CSULB” sign, most of the classmates did not even know that sign was there so it was cool to see. It was also a lot of the classmates’ first time going to the Japanese Garden which was a great experience for all of us. Maddy also made the walk fun because she was not shy and was always talking and joking with us. Overall, our group had a great time on our photowalk with Maddy being our guide.


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