Wk 7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

For this week’s art experience, we were given the task of making a group video with other classmates. The people I made the video with were Maddy Braverman, Jamie Filosa, Greg Plantenga, and Danielle Dallas. I had a lot of fun making this video! We were originally going to do a music video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, but then we started talking about SpongeBob and came up with the idea of remaking the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. We filmed in different locations including the fountain by the Macintosh building, by a big tree, and in the theater where we have class. The reason we did this is because we wanted it to resemble the actual SpongeBob theme song video where it shows SpongeBob in multiple locations. Our process in making the video was great because we all had a fun time making it and could not stop laughing after we did each scene. The only bad part was when we were doing the scene in the theater, my shorts got caught on the stage when we were sitting and when I got up, my shorts ripped. It ended up being pretty funny though because when I told everyone what happened, we all started laughing. After we finished doing the scenes, we had Jamie edit them together and after watching the finished result, I think she did a great job because I think the video is hilarious. As far as doing anything different next time, the only thing I would change is make sure we do every scene the same angle. Other than that I do not think I would change anything because I had a great time making this video and with the time that we had, I think the video turned out awesome.



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