Wk 13-Art Experience-Art Care Package

Art 110 Week 13 ACP

For this week’s art experience, we each were given another classmate’s address and were to create a care package to mail to them. At first, I was not really sure what to put in it but after going through my room, I found a couple of things that I thought would be cool. The first thing that I found was a colorful wristband that I had that I had never worn before. I thought that since I never wore it and had no use for it, maybe someone else would like it. The other things that I put in the care package were old tickets that I still had from movies and events I went to go see. Some of the movie tickets were from movies that I really liked and I thought that maybe giving the classmate the tickets would remind them from the time that they went to go see that certain movie or if they have not seen it yet, maybe it will make them want to go see it. The other two tickets were from a comedy show I went to and a volleyball match. Like the movie tickets, maybe those two tickets will make them want to go see that comedian’s show or want to go watch a volleyball match with their friends. All of those tickets were of great times that I had so I put them in the envelope to hopefully make the classmate want to go create some of their own. In ways, an ACP is both similar and different to Snapchat. They are similar in the fact that they can both be sent to someone and can contain a picture or show the other person where they have been. The difference between the two though is that a Snapchat can only be a video or picture that will last a couple seconds, while an ACP can contain a picture or any item that you can keep forever. Overall, this was a cool art experience because it made me think and take my time in trying to decide what to put in the care package and I am interested to see what I get in the mail.


Wk 13-Classmate Converation-Danielle Dallas



For this week’s classmate conversation, the person that I interviewed was the best student in the class, Danielle Dallas. She is a Sophomore at CSULB and is a Communication major with a minor in Marketing. In her free time, she likes to hangout with her friends, go to the beach, watch movies, go to parties, and play her ukulele. When I asked her if she had to be an animal the rest of her life what would it be, she said she would like to be a dog. She then continued on and said that she would like to be a wealthy family’s dog because they are “living the life” and dogs are so happy and energetic and live without a care in the world. I then asked her who her favorite music artist is and what her favorite song at the time is. She responded by saying her favorite artist is Fetty Wap and that her favorite song is “What’s Luv” by Fat Joe ft. Ja-Rule and Ashanti. For the final question, I asked her if she were to win the lottery, what would be the first thing that she would buy? She told me that the first thing she would buy is a new house for her mom wherever she wants. She said that she would actually just go to her and ask her what she wants and anything that she would ask for her she would get because she loves her mom. Overall, I had a fun conversation with Danielle and even though we were already friends, it was cool to be able to learn new things about her.

Wk 13-Artist Conversation- Ihab Ali

Artist: Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eye Witness

Media: Dry wall, property lights, black sheeting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: @ihabali

For this week’s artist conversation, we got to meet with artist Ihab Ali. Ali is currently an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach and is working towards his Bachelors of Fine Arts. For the CSULB School of Art, he is in the Ceramics program but what is funny is that in art show that we saw, it consisted of no ceramics. The ideas that his art explores come from his childhood growing up in the Middle East and he uses them to show others what it was like. When asked what his interests are, he said that whenever he has free time, he uses it to keep working on his art and it shows how much dedication he has for what he does.

Ihab Ali’s art show did not consist of the typical art work you would expect. Instead of paintings or statues, he created a maze for the viewers to go through. In his maze, he used dry wall, bullet holes, fake blood, and dark lighting to create an environment that resembled a building in the middle east right after the neighborhood had just been bombed. The first time I went through it I was a little scared because I thought things were going to pop out at me. His use of the dark lighting and the siren going on in the room made the maze really intense and you were not sure what to expect. With the use of all his props and tools, he was able to create an environment that kept you on your toes the whole way.

After speaking to Ihab and going through his maze, it was easy to understand what he was trying to portray. For him, that environment was what most of his childhood looked like while growing up in Syria. He created this maze because he wanted to show all the other people what it was like to live in the Middle East because most of us had never dealt with situations like that before. He was able to create a first person point of view for us and in my experience, it was scary. After going through his maze, it really opened my eyes to how lucky we have it living in America where we do not have to deal with that kind of violence.

Overall, I really liked Ihab Ali’s art show and for me, I think it was the most creative one I have seen so far this semester. I thought it was really cool how instead of using paintings or sculptures to portray his message, he created an environment that the viewers could walk through and see and hear what it was like to live in the Middle East. Being raised in California, I have never had to deal with those kinds of situations and had only seen terrorism on the news or in movies. So being able to go through a first person point of view experience was both scary and cool for me at the same time. With the space that Ali was given, he was able to use his way of art to create a great representation of the life in the Middle East and made it really easy for the viewers to understand what he was trying to portray.


Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Print making and Digital Print

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No Website

Instagram: No Instagram

For this week’s artist conversation, we got to meet with artist Jennifer Chen. Chen is currently a graduate at California State University of Long Beach and is in her last semester working towards her Masters in Fine Arts. For the CSULB School of Art, she is in the Print Making program and one thing I learned about her that I thought was really cool is that she has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Her interests vary from both art and science and they show in her art work by merging them together. When she earns her Masters after this semester, Chen will then be teaching Art 270 for the fall semester.

Jennifer Chen’s art consists of mainly print making, but she likes to add her own thing to them after. Some of the things she likes to do to her prints include watercolors and putting gloss on it to make it stick out more. With these additions to her art pieces, the texture of her art work is rigid. The colors in her art work vary depending on whether it is a landscape of the city, the desert, or different locations. By using Google Earth, Chen is able to get her prints and then brings more life into them.

Chen is a big fan of the ecosystem and she explains how even when it is disturbed, it will find a way to reach equilibrium again and that is why the name of her exhibit is “Succession.” Her viewpoint on this explains why in all of her art pieces, the trees in her prints have the most detail and stick out from the print. In one of her art pieces, she put pink blocks around everything that was not a tree, that way the viewer would see that the main focus of the print were the big green trees. Similar to that, in a different art piece she made the trees 3-D like and made the buildings around the trees light grey to a point where you could barely even see the buildings. With her art work, she is able to show how the ecosystem is very important.

Overall, I liked Jennifer Chen’s artwork and thought her style was very creative. She was able to use simple landscapes from Google Earth and put her own touch on it to make them really stand out. I too am a fan of the ecosystem and understand how important it is for our survival. Everyone has their own way of getting their viewpoint to people and for Jennifer Chen it is through her artwork of print making. By making the trees stand out from everything else, Chen is easily able to show the viewers what the focus of her work is.










Wk 12-Art Experience-Location Based Gaming

For this week’s art experience, we used the Geocaching app to find a Geocache somewhere around our location. Luckily for me, there was one just a couple blocks down from where I lived. With the help of the map on the app and the hint telling me it was outside of the garden gates near some bushes, my sister and I were able to find it. We both had a fun time looking for it because it was like a little scavenger hunt trying to find the Geocache and it was hiding in a tricky spot in the bushes. After we found that one, my sister and I then got in my car and tried to find a place to hide my Geocache. It took us a little while, but we finally found a good place to put it. Overall, I had a fun time doing this art experience. Before this week, I had never heard of Geocaching before and now that I know what it is, it amazes me how all these Geocaches are placed everywhere throughout our communities. People probably walk by them all the time and if they do not have the app, they are missing out on finding some pretty cool items that are just waiting there to be found. Being introduced to this app has really shown me that there is so much more out there in the world and all those Geocaching experiences just waiting to happen is one example.

The coordinates for my Geocache are: 33° 51’1″ N and 118° 1’16” W

Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Devon Carus

IMG_3316 (1)

Website: https://dcarusblog.wordpress.com

For this week’s classmate conversation, the person that I interviewed was Devon Carus. While Devon is a Marketing major, one thing that I learned about him is he likes doing poetry and does a lot of writing. For him, nature is his happy place and some other things I found out he likes to do include surfing, skating, and doing some art.  Devon is also really into music and likes to listen to a lot of Rock, Blues, and Jazz. He told me that some of his favorite singers are Beck and Jack White. One thing that I thought was really cool was that he has been to a lot of concerts and even got to see Jack White perform at his concert once. I also learned that other than listening to music, Devon also plays the guitar and drums as well. Lastly, to finish off our conversation, we asked each other what our worst fear was and I found out that his is being really far into the ocean and not being able to get back to land. Overall, I had a great conversation with Devon and it was cool to learn about his passion for music.