Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Devon Carus

IMG_3316 (1)

Website: https://dcarusblog.wordpress.com

For this week’s classmate conversation, the person that I interviewed was Devon Carus. While Devon is a Marketing major, one thing that I learned about him is he likes doing poetry and does a lot of writing. For him, nature is his happy place and some other things I found out he likes to do include surfing, skating, and doing some art.  Devon is also really into music and likes to listen to a lot of Rock, Blues, and Jazz. He told me that some of his favorite singers are Beck and Jack White. One thing that I thought was really cool was that he has been to a lot of concerts and even got to see Jack White perform at his concert once. I also learned that other than listening to music, Devon also plays the guitar and drums as well. Lastly, to finish off our conversation, we asked each other what our worst fear was and I found out that his is being really far into the ocean and not being able to get back to land. Overall, I had a great conversation with Devon and it was cool to learn about his passion for music.



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