Wk 13-Art Experience-Art Care Package

Art 110 Week 13 ACP

For this week’s art experience, we each were given another classmate’s address and were to create a care package to mail to them. At first, I was not really sure what to put in it but after going through my room, I found a couple of things that I thought would be cool. The first thing that I found was a colorful wristband that I had that I had never worn before. I thought that since I never wore it and had no use for it, maybe someone else would like it. The other things that I put in the care package were old tickets that I still had from movies and events I went to go see. Some of the movie tickets were from movies that I really liked and I thought that maybe giving the classmate the tickets would remind them from the time that they went to go see that certain movie or if they have not seen it yet, maybe it will make them want to go see it. The other two tickets were from a comedy show I went to and a volleyball match. Like the movie tickets, maybe those two tickets will make them want to go see that comedian’s show or want to go watch a volleyball match with their friends. All of those tickets were of great times that I had so I put them in the envelope to hopefully make the classmate want to go create some of their own. In ways, an ACP is both similar and different to Snapchat. They are similar in the fact that they can both be sent to someone and can contain a picture or show the other person where they have been. The difference between the two though is that a Snapchat can only be a video or picture that will last a couple seconds, while an ACP can contain a picture or any item that you can keep forever. Overall, this was a cool art experience because it made me think and take my time in trying to decide what to put in the care package and I am interested to see what I get in the mail.


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