Wk 14-Art Experience-Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s art experience, we went to the Japanese Gardens and sketched three representative and three abstract drawings. After that, we then took three representative and three abstract pictures. For the representative sketches, I decided to draw a tree, a duck, and the pond. For the abstract sketches, I drew the outline of a fish under water, the trail of waves behind a duck, and an abstract image of a tree. I really liked this part of the art experience because it involved an old hobby of mine that I used to have, drawing. Although my drawing skills were not what they used to be, I still had a lot of fun do it. For the representative pictures, I took pictures of a small statue, the island in the middle of the pond, and a small tree. Then the abstract pictures I took were of the tree leaves moving because of the wind, the trail of waves behind the ducks, and  the water moving because the fish had just swam by. Overall, this art experience was really cool because it involved a trip to the Japanese Gardens and I was able to do some drawing along the way.


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