Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

For this week’s art experience, we were given the task to take four pictures throughout the day on Thursday and post those pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #art110s16. For my first picture, I took a picture of my Chemistry professor doing an experiment with fire that I thought was really cool. My second picture was a picture of the volleyball court that I practice on every Tuesday and Thursday for the Men’s Club Volleyball team for school. The third picture that I posted was a picture of me finally heading home from school after volleyball practice. Then finally, my last picture is of the street that I live on and I took a picture of it to show how dark and empty it looks at night. When comparing the pictures that I took to pictures that my classmates took, all of ours were very different. The only similarity between our pictures is that some of them consisted of pictures that were taken during our class. Other than that, everyone’s pictures were very diverse because we each live different lifestyles and have different things that we would like to take a picture of and show to the world. Overall, I liked this art experience because I was able to show my life through a couple of pictures and compare my lifestyle to my classmates.


Wk 8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


For this week’s art experience, we were given the task of creating an “automatic drawing.” For my partner, I chose to do it with my sister. In the beginning, nothing really happened and my sister and I just laughed. After a little time, my sister and I stopped laughing and focused on being relaxed. It was then that the pencil started to move and draw all over the paper. I thought it was crazy how the pencil moved when we were not trying to make it. Although I was confused at first on how this project would work and did not believe the pencil would move, I was surprised on how when we relaxed, the pencil actually moved on its own. Overall, even though I do not know what we really drew, it was still a pretty interesting experience.

Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Bri Joy


Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Prints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No Website

Instagram: @bri.joy

For this week’s artist conversation, we got to meet with artist Bri Joy. Joy is currently an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach in the Print Making program for the CSULB School of Art. Growing up in a small mountain town with no cellphone, she was surrounded by nature and wildlife and faced a complete culture shock when she moved to Long Beach. She explained how people are not as open, value relationships, and bonds are more genuine here. Bri Joy originally went to Orange Coast Community College but then transferred to CSULB to get her BFA degree. Bri’s work explores the ideas of merging her past and her present referencing where she came from and where she lives now. While being an artist, she is also very active and considers herself a “hobbyist.” Some interests of hers include doing yoga, going hiking, and surfing, all which are hobbies based off of her childhood background.

Most of Bri Joy’s work consists of screen prints. She manipulates lines by using thick and thin lines and makes them either straight or jagged. To create her hand-printed art pieces, she uses rolls of paper and water-based ink. The only two colors she uses for her work are black and white. Joy explains how she does not try for a specific shape when doing her art work. Instead, it can be viewed as abstract and you have to figure it out for yourself what each piece means to you. Only in some pictures, does she use the lines to create the image of a woman.

Joy’s work highlights her interest in “the marriage of organic and digital systems.” With her screen prints, she merges her past and her present. The “organic” part represents her past where she lived in a small mountain town, while the “digital” side represents the present where she lives in Long Beach. That explains why the name of her exhibit is named “Merge.” When asked how she describes her work, she described them as an “organic abstraction.”

Of the multiple galleries I could have chosen from, I chose Joy’s because I thought her art work was creative with how she used thick, thin, straight, and jagged lines in order to create an art piece. Overall, I really liked Bri Joy’s art work and how she used the life of her past and her present to come up with the ideas. Like how Bri uses her past and her present to carry on her art, I use my past and present to keep pushing me forward in life. While facing multiple challenges in the past and to this day, I know that I have gotten past them and can beat the current challenges I face and I use them as motivation to reach my goals. Through Joy’s art, she portrays how your past and present can lead to something great and everyone who sees her art work should understand that.

WK 7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, Raw Clay, Cement, Mason Stain

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/

Instagram: @Andreawilliammms

For this week’s artist conversation, we got to meet with artist Andrea Williams. Williams is currently an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach in the Ceramics program for the CSULB School of Art. While growing up in Riverside, art and music had always been in her family. It was not until her 20s though that she got into painting and drawing. Andrea’s work explores the idea of sacrifice of not a particular faith, but of a woman’s body and time. One thing that I learned about her that I thought was really cool is that she actually used to be in a band where she played the drums. Some other interests of hers are that she really loves pigs, dogs, chickens, and her baby at home.

Andrea Williams’s art is gestural, textural loose, and you can tell it is hand made. She tries not to smooth out the finger prints because she wants the viewers to know she made it with her own hands. The two main materials she uses for her art pieces include ceramic and cement, but she also uses mason stains for color. In her work, the main repetition is that she focuses on is the texture and the gesture of her pieces. Overall, her work is very religious and portrays her Christianity.

Williams’s art work is not your typical religious art pieces. When talking about it, she explained it as “religion with a twist.” With her work, she hopes the viewer questions religion and makes them question art. She tries to portray through her work the sacrifice of women with their body and time. She can relate to this because she has a child and understands the struggles of being a mother.

Overall, I really liked Andrea Williams’s art work and the message she was trying to portray. Although I may be a man so I cannot relate to the sacrifice of being a mother, I do understand how sacrifice can have an effect on a person’s body and time. In sports, I sacrifice my body all the time. I know that there may be consequences if I do so, but I also know that if I sacrifice my body, it could lead to a great that will help my whole team. Through Andrea’s art, she tries to get people to understand the sacrifices that women have to make and how important it is. With her handmade art style, I believe her message is delivered.

Wk 7-Classmate Conversation- Madison Braverman

Art 110 Week 7 Classmate Convo

Website: https://madisonbraverman.wordpress.com/

For this week’s classmate conversation, the person that I interviewed was my friend Madison Braverman. To start the conversation off easy, I asked her what her favorite color was and I learned that it is turquoise. I already knew that she played volleyball, but I wanted to find out when she started playing and why. I learned that she started playing in elementary school because it seemed like an enjoyable and exhilarating sport she wanted to try. When she was growing up, women’s volleyball was just becoming a “thing” and when she saw some volleyball players, she thought they were the most remarkable people. Maddy has played sports since she was young and since she was above the societal norm for female height, she was always on the basketball team. But, after a few years, she never got at basketball and hated the running that came with it. It was then that she knew that volleyball would be the sport that she would stick to forever. Another question I asked her was if she had to pick one person that she looked up to, who would it be and why, she answered with Grandma Ethel. I did not know who that was so Maddy told me about her. She is a legally blind woman, but you would never know unless you were told. She tries to be a very independent woman and does not like others feeling pity for her regardless of her situation. She can barely see, but still always manages to see the beauty in life and everyone around her. Grandma Ethel only wishes positive things for others and has such a kind, loving, and warm heart. She really only looks at the good in life and views the glass as half full. If those she loves are happy, that is all she truly needs in life. After Maddy told me about her, it made a lot of sense to me why she looks up to her and I can see a lot of those qualities in Maddy herself. Overall, I had a great conversation with Maddy and although we were already friends, this conversation helped me learn a lot of new things about her that I did not know.







Wk 7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

For this week’s art experience, we were given the task of making a group video with other classmates. The people I made the video with were Maddy Braverman, Jamie Filosa, Greg Plantenga, and Danielle Dallas. I had a lot of fun making this video! We were originally going to do a music video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, but then we started talking about SpongeBob and came up with the idea of remaking the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. We filmed in different locations including the fountain by the Macintosh building, by a big tree, and in the theater where we have class. The reason we did this is because we wanted it to resemble the actual SpongeBob theme song video where it shows SpongeBob in multiple locations. Our process in making the video was great because we all had a fun time making it and could not stop laughing after we did each scene. The only bad part was when we were doing the scene in the theater, my shorts got caught on the stage when we were sitting and when I got up, my shorts ripped. It ended up being pretty funny though because when I told everyone what happened, we all started laughing. After we finished doing the scenes, we had Jamie edit them together and after watching the finished result, I think she did a great job because I think the video is hilarious. As far as doing anything different next time, the only thing I would change is make sure we do every scene the same angle. Other than that I do not think I would change anything because I had a great time making this video and with the time that we had, I think the video turned out awesome.


Wk 6-Art Experience- Photowalk

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For this week’s art experience, we had the pleasure of going on a class photowalk. The whole class was split into different groups and each group went to different locations around the school campus. For my group, we went to see our guide’s favorite “CSULB” sign, the Japanese Garden, and The Pyramid. I had a great time on our photo walk. It was cool because even though I have been going to CSULB for two years, I had never seen that sign or had ever been to the Japanese Garden before. Being able to visit the garden for the first time was really nice and when I got there, I was amazed at what I saw with all the trees, flowers, and the huge pond with the fish swimming around.

With the pictures that I took, I was trying to get the best representation of the three locations that we went to. For our visit to the “CSULB” sign, I decided to take a landscape shot of it that way I could get a larger, better picture of the sign that would fit all the letters into it instead of a portrait shot that would make the sign look smaller and not as good. For the three pictures I took at the garden, the two I took a landscape shot of were to show how many fish there were in the pond and to get a good view of the area in the back that I thought was really peaceful. The portrait picture I took at the garden was to show how long the pond was and be able to get all the trees that were around it and at the end. For my fifth picture, I took a picture of a sign that I thought was really funny and showed the type of humor that our school has and I took it in a portrait style to be able to get the biggest picture of the sign I could. For my final picture, I took a landscape shot of The Pyramid to be able to get a wide image of the gym and by doing that, I was also able to include the main entrance and the student entrance to the gym in the picture as well.

Our guide for our group’s photowalk was Maddy Braverman. Being her friend, it was cool for her to be our guide for our walk. She was a great guide because she took us to places that most of us had never been to before. When we went to her favorite “CSULB” sign, most of the classmates did not even know that sign was there so it was cool to see. It was also a lot of the classmates’ first time going to the Japanese Garden which was a great experience for all of us. Maddy also made the walk fun because she was not shy and was always talking and joking with us. Overall, our group had a great time on our photowalk with Maddy being our guide.

Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, we were told either to do something with cuisine, couture, or coiffure. Since I did not want to dye my hair and I am not that good of a cook, I decided to take advantage of the couture part. One of my family members is getting married soon so I got a tuxedo to wear to the wedding. I am usually the type of person who just wears shorts and a t-shirt all the time so wearing a tuxedo was kind of new for me. I wanted to see what I looked like in it and once I put it on, I decided to have some fun with it by doing some poses. I had fun doing my own little photo shoot and actually liked wearing the tuxedo. As seen in the third picture, I felt like James Bond with the tuxedo on so I had some fun and pretended to be a spy. I especially liked wearing the bow tie because I felt fancy with it on. Though at first I thought I would feel uncomfortable wearing a whole suit, I actually liked wearing it especially after I put it on and took some funny pictures. Overall, I had a fun time having my own little photo shoot wearing the tuxedo and am now not going to feel uncomfortable when I wear it for the wedding.

Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form Single Entity

Media: Metals, Fire, Saw, Hammer, and Sand Paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No Website

Instagram: @Whipperton

For this week’s artist conversation, we got to meet with artist Kristi Jensen. Jensen is a senior here at California State University of Long Beach. Growing up, she went to 10 different elementary schools because she moved a lot. When she got to CSULB, she first started out as a sculpture major. Now she is in the Metals and Jewelry program for the CSULB School of Art. She changed her mind because she said that metal is easier to manipulate and has now been working with metal for two years. Kristi Jensen explained how there is nothing she does not like about metal and how it is really cool that you get to work with fire. She recommends that everyone try working with metal. Her dream is to find a living doing something with metal. Some other interests of hers are that she likes to cook, read, drink red wine, and loves hanging out with her husband.

In Kristi and her group’s exhibit “FUSE: Join to Form Single Entity,” their artwork involves jewelry and all different types of art pieces. Kristi Jensen’s art work is mainly made with copper, steal, and silver. To help make her art pieces, she uses fire, a saw, a hammer, and sand paper. The main colors her art work consists of are blue, lime green, and she said that orange sometimes finds a way in. An example of one of her art pieces would be the metal cylinders hanging from the ceiling. Just like how she explained, this art piece is blue and lime green. The cylinders are all different sizes because Jenson told us that size does not matter, as long as it is fun.

Many of Kristi Jensen’s art pieces were class assignments. She explained how she has 1,000s of things saved and that she uses pictures to spark ideas for her next piece. She also told us about how her work has no specific message that it is trying to convey, but that it is just driven by a process. When talking about her art work, Jensen said that it is “very satisfying to finish.” By finishing an art piece, she told us about how it creates pride and satisfaction. The one thing she wants to work on though is that she said she is very bad at naming her pieces and that her goal to work on is thinking of the whole process.

After seeing Kristi Jensen’s art work, to me they mean that hard work does pay off. She first started off as a Sculpture major, but realized she did not want to do that anymore and fell in love with working with metal. She began focusing on metal art work instead and after working really hard, she is about to graduate with her BFA in Metals and Jewelry. To me, it is inspiring what she has done because it shows that if you really love something and put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. With hard work and putting the time in, anyone can reach their goals. Kristi Jensen’s dream is to find a living doing something with metal and with how much effort and time she is putting into her art work now, I believe she is going to make that dream come true.

Wk5- Classmate Conversations- Rebekah Johnson

Art 110 Week 5 Classmate Pic

Website: https://rebekahhjohnson.wordpress.com/

For this week’s classmate conversation, the classmate that I interviewed was Rebekah Johnson. Rebekah is a freshman here at CSULB who is actually double majoring and I thought that was really awesome. She is from Yucaipa but while she is going to school here, she lives in the dorms. When we were talking about our favorite sports and sports teams, she said that she really likes baseball and that she is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. We then asked each other what kind of music we like to listen to and Rebekah said that she likes small, unknown rock bands and that her favorite band is FIDLAR. I then found out that she actually plays the guitar and the bass and that her dream job would be to be a musician and in a girl band. When I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world, she said that she would like to go to Tokyo because it would be different and fun. We then talked about our favorite food and she said that she really likes tacos and anything Italian. Overall, it was fun talking to Rebekah and seeing how passionate about music she is.